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I’m Maggie and I’ve been shopping secondhand most of my life. My mom opened her consignment boutique, Kids’ Stuff, when I was just a toddler. Nearly all of my siblings’ and my clothes came from her store. When I was a preteen outgrowing the kids store, my mom expanded her business opening Your Stuff, a consignment boutique for adults. As I got older, I helped out in the store, growing more and more fond of the concept of buying used rather than new. For the past several years, I have served as the store’s artistic soul. I design the emails, promotional material, and website. I also love designing in-store displays.

Though my mom’s store is by far my favorite, I still enjoy a little variety. One of my favorite things to do when traveling is to visit the consignment and thrift stores there. I have a few favorites, but I really love traveling to totally different parts of the country and seeing what they have to offer.

Maggie taking pictures on the road

I’m not what many think of as a typical fashion blogger – I don’t have a large fashion budget, heels are a rarity on me, I’m not super “girly”, I’m not 5’9″, and I don’t wear makeup everyday. In fact, I’m not really that comfortable in front of the camera – I’d much rather be behind it. What I am is an artist. Getting dressed everyday is just one means of expressing my creativity. I don’t have time to paint or draw or build something everyday, but I do have to get dressed. And like it or not, my appearance is how others form impressions before getting to know me. I’m in control of my appearance, so I’m going to do my best to represent my creativity, interests, and personality through the way I dress.

Maggie in Ireland Maggie's College Graduation Picture

I’m also devoted to shopping ethically and sustainably, whether that be shopping secondhand or purchasing fair trade products. My hope is that I’ll inspire others to do the same by proving that it’s absolutely possible to have a versatile, high quality, fashionable (and unique!) wardrobe when shopping primarily secondhand. It’s budget-friendly and the resale industry is growing, so there are tons great places to shop if you seek them out.

Apart from fashion, I enjoy art, diy projects and upcycling, hiking, old movies, tea, food, and being as socially and environmentally responsible as I can. I’m also a dog lover, Doctor Who fanatic, and wannabe globetrotter. I have a B.A. in media arts and design, and I’m currently working on establishing my own freelance web development and graphic design business. Check out my website at www.maggiejosey.com.

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  • Hey! I'm Maggie, a graphic designer, crafter, devoted secondhand shopper, Doctor Who fanatic, and dog-lover. Stick around and explore!

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