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Fall Trends

Well, my day was busy, and my night was occupied by Shark Week, so I’m going to direct you here so Sydney can tell you about her favorite fall trends and how to wear them.

I’ll be back tomorrow with an outfit post!

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Arsenic and Old Lace…

The title really has nothing to do with the post (other than lace), but you SHOULD watch that movie if you’ve never seen it.

In honor of yesterday’s pattern/texture how-to, here’s an outfit where I mix some patterns and textures. This outfit follows rule 1 – one subtle, one that pops. My top has intricate lace detail, but it’s still simple enough to not clash with the shorts. The shorts, on the other hand, are bold and vibrant. I’m also am wearing a faux ostrich belt (another subtle pattern). The hat…is good at hiding messy, growing-out hair.

Really, the best rule to follow when mixing patterns and textures is to use your judgement. If it looks good to you, go for it.


Hat: Urban Outfitters

Lace top: secondhand

Tank: secondhand

Shorts: secondhand J. Crew

Belt: secondhand Gap

Shoes: Toms

Earrings: Ten Thousand Villages (Fair Trade)

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How-to Tuesday

I failed to mention this yesterday, but I have a new “schedule” for this blog. Rather than doing outfits everyday, I’m mixing it up. Monday is random day (thoughts, tips, tutorials, etc.). Wednesday is an outfit, and Friday is weekend links. Hopefully this will keep things a little more interesting (and keep me blogging – sorry for the long absence!)

Today I’m going to give you some tips on mixing patterns and textures. Most of the photos I’m giving as examples are pulled from my Pinterest board, so take a look at that for more inspiration. Also, each image below links to the original article/blog where the image was published, so click on them to see more.

1. Keep one subtle, make the other pop. This way one works as more of a solid than a pattern. For example, these two skirts have a pattern/texture, but they’re one color so you only see it when you’re close. It’ll add interest but it won’t clash. The same with the sweater—it’s a solid color with suble knitted patterns, so it still works with the bold floral pants.

black quilted skirt gold skirt sweater with floral pants

2. Mix patterns and textures that are the same color or in the same color range. Be careful with this one. The color needs to be a near exact match or different enough to look intentional. Also, keep the patterns or textures pretty different—don’t mix a small pink floral with a different small pink floral. Megan from feathers and Freckles wore this dress that mixes 2 ivory patterns—a pleat and a lace. This could easily be recreated with a pleated skirt and a lace top. The above outfit (floral pants) follows this rule well, too. Both the top and the pants are muted colors, and the pattern/texture of the sweater is very different from the floral of the pants.

lace top and pleated skirt

3. Mix patterns and textures that suggest the same season. Don’t wear an autumny tweed (olives, burnt oranges, browns) with a bright summery floral or, say, yellow gingham. Follow this lady’s example. She’s wearing a autumny tweed with floral, but the colors of the floral are more autumny as well—navy, mustard yellow, plum(ish) purple. The large size of the floral paired with the suble texture of the tweed also follow rule 1 nicely.

fall floral and tweed

4. Tweed/wool is a good place to start. Most tweeds have a subtle pattern or color variation that looks solid when you blur your eyes. Work with them as a solid and they’re easy. Tights are another fun thing to try. There are lots of options with patterns/textures, but most are just one color—try ribbed, dots, or lace. Lastly, scarves (or any add on accessory, really) are great. Pair a knitted scarf with a patterned top to add some texture, or add a floral or striped scarf (or purse) over a sweater or tweed to add pattern.

tweed and bird print patterned tights pattered scarf with tweed


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St. Louis continued…

Today we had workshops all day, but we finished the day with a cool bus tour of St. Louis. We got boxed dinners with some famous St. Louis foods.

Anyway, from our workshops today, we’ve decided we’ll probably spice up the blog a little with more variety in post topics and content…keep it interesting. I’ll keep you posted on any changes coming. We’re brainstorming some sort of journal-type post about someone’s experience doing a closet makeover/clean out session (and how to make it fun). Our only problem is finding someone to do this and document their experience – I recently did a massive closet clean-out because after moving home from school, I needed room for all my stuff – so it’s too late for me to document the process. hmmmm…

Once again, most clothing and accessories we are wearing are secondhand.


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Meet Me In St. Louis!

It’s late so I’m not gonna say much. But we’re in St. Louis for a NARTS conference – me, my friend Jami (office manager of Your Stuff and Kids’ Stuff), Marion (sister), and Mom. Here are some pictures of our outfits today. The first few are what we wore for the bus tour of the consignment/thrift stores in the area and the next ones are what we wore for the cocktail party tonight. The ones after that are my purchases of the day (minus the tea cup I bought at a home decor consignment store). It’s a romper, a lacy-ish top, and some jeans (significantly less than I usually buy on conferences). The last picture is solely for your entertainment – Marion loves taking pictures of people when they least expect it. Most of the clothes/accessories you see are secondhand.

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Last week I was moving home from college and settling here, so sorry for the scarcity of posts.

I’m going to a NARTS conference this coming weekend. I’ll be traveling on Wednesday and Thursday this week, so I probably won’t post. I’ll TRY to fit in posting while I’m actually at the conference, especially since I’ll be dressing to impress. I’m going to Ireland next week, so you won’t hear from me between June 25 – July 12, either. SO MUCH TRAVELING! But I love it!

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Heeeeeey! you know how sometimes your outfit feels really “you” and other times it doesn’t? Well this outfit feels really “me.”

In other news, it’s been a while since I’ve gotten my haircut – longer than I typically go. I’m getting it cut next tuesday, but I’m not sure what to do yet. I could just get the usual trim…pretty short. You know what my hair looks like after a cut if you follow (and if you don’t, you could always go back and look at older posts :) ). OR I could leave it this longer length and just get problem areas trimmed and have some of the thickness taken out…maybe thin out/layer the bangs some more. Any opinions?

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Orange Orange Orange

This is what I wore yesterday. I had a surprise visit from a friend, so I didn’t get a chance to post.

I’m about to watch a movie with my sister via skype…not sure how that will work out. I’m desperately bored, though, so hopefully it works.


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These pants are cozy…and 100% silk (and wrinkle really easily). This top is cozy, too. And the shoes. I’m just cozy today.

It’s also quite chilly outside today. brrr.

And by the way ,there are little flecks of olive throughout the print on this top. I just (once again) failed to take detail pictures. :/

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