Birthday Celebrations!

Since I was a meany and didn’t post yesterday, you get TWO posts today. YAY!

This is what I wore on my birthday (Thursday). Let’s see, apart from the usual – class and work – I went to a burger and beer place in town with my housemates. It’s rather ironic, since I’m not AT ALL a beer and burger person. But they’re pretty famous in town for their weird specialty burgers (for example, Monday’s special burger is served on a glazed doughnut – probably the weirdest special), their sweet potato fries, and their fried oreos. It was our first time there, and it was yummy. I also went with my friend to audition for a part in another friend’s movie that I’m the script supervisor for (she auditioned, not me). It was about 2 hours of watching acting, but it was really fun/funny. They did some improv that was hilarious. This weekend, my mom is here. We did a bunch of eating and a bunch of shopping. In two days, we had Ethiopian food, Indian food, Japanese food, and “down home” (southern) food. It was ALL delicious. I also got some cool consignment shop finds that may be featured soon! Be excited.

top: Gap; skirt: secondhand Free People; shoes: secondhand Steve Madden; earrings: purchased in Sedona, Arizona; belt: secondhand; tights: Target

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