Perpetual Rain

So just pretend these pictures are supposed to look “vintage.”

It has been raining non-stop all week. I looked it up on NOAA, and we’ve received somewhere around 3 inches of rain since Monday. I was out of town all day yesterday (eating sushi with a partially numb mouth, among other things), but I was still planning on taking pictures in my living room with daylight coming in through our big window. I ended up not getting home until after dark, then I had a two hour Google+ hangout with some of my college friends. I took these pictures at 11:30pm in my dark living room with the shutter speed set for super low light. After applying a few photoshop filters, I just gave up with it. You can see my outfit, and that’s really what matters.

Let me give you a quick tour! All of those trophies behind me on the piano are my sister’s clarinet and piano awards. The painting my grandma did of my mom when she was young.

I bought this sweater and shirt on the same shopping trip, but I never really intended to wear them together. As I was trying to figure out how to wear the sweater, though, I realized I like the way they look together. Next time you’re feeling uninspired about what to wear, try pairing some things that you never considered wearing together before. You might just end up loving it.

rainyday1 rainyday2 rainyday3 rainyday4

sweater: secondhand Old Navy
top: secondhand J. Crew
jeans: secondhand New York and Company
socks: REI
boots: secondhand Nine West
hat: secondhand Gap
earrings: new via Your Stuff Consignment Boutique

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  1. GreenBean
    Posted January 18, 2013 at 12:31 am | Permalink

    Cute combo!

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