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Weekend Links!

How adorable is this dog? via sequins and sarcasm

You still have a few more days to enter my GIVEAWAY!

Some beautiful free downloadable thank you cards…just in time for Thanksgiving.

Draw a stickman, watch it come to life, and control its fate.

Waste some time looking at some useless websites.

A cute DIY tassel necklace via Say Yes to Hoboken.

These are some fun images to look through.


Learn your shoe types.

Excellent source of fashion inspiration.

I’ve been making several cups of this chai tea every day lately. Yumm.

Skip black Friday, go shopping on “Small Business Saturday” (Nov. 24) and support local businesses!

Have a great weekend!

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Weekend Links!

via Modern Hepburn

Go enter my GIVEAWAY! It’s for a lovely fair trade bracelet. At the rate it’s going, your chance of winning is high.

ADORABLE fridge magnet DIY

A delicious sounding fall soup. And another.

Add some fun dots to that boring tee in your closet. Here’s how.

Make a scalloped tote. Super cute!

Have I told you I have an obsession with Eames rockers? Maybe I’ll find one in a consignment or thrift store one day (wishing)…

Liking this color combo (camel, fuchsia).

I really want to visit one of Colorado’s aspen forests. They’re beautiful!

I’m sure you’ve seen Back to the Future. And I’m sure you’ve heard that dreadful song “Call Me Maybe.” Well, here’s what you get when you combine the two.

OH! and don’t forget to enter the GIVEAWAY! Go do it. Now.

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Giveaway! Enter to Win!

Today I bring you my first ever GIVEAWAY!

Win this lovely bracelet, hand selected by yours truly! The bracelet is from World of Good, a line of fair trade jewelry and accessories. (World of Good now partners with eBay on their green marketplace. Their product line was acquired by Greater Good, another provider of ethically sourced goods.)

This bracelet is called “a reveille of bugle beads.” The description says, ” Give your style a wake up call with this sparkly cuff made with colorful bugle beads by the artisans of Tara Projects in India. Based in Delhi, Tara Projects unites thousands of artisans to produce handcrafted pieces while lobbying for fair trade and fighting injustice. What a great way to start the day.” You can also buy Tara Projects products at Ten Thousand Villages.

The bracelet is a lovely, sparkly brown. In sunlight, some of the beads turn a pretty purple color. The bracelet is bendable so it will adjust to fit your wrist perfectly. It has a $20 value. Thanks to Your Stuff Consignment Boutique for providing it!

You can enter the giveaway three ways (and three times). Here’s how:

  1. Leave a comment below telling me what your favorite Thanksgiving food is.
  2. Leave a comment telling me you follow 2ndhand Knowledge either on Bloglovin’ OR by email subscription (Go over to the right sidebar and there’s a place where you can sign up. There’s also a link there for Bloglovin’). If you subscribe some other way (for example, I subscribe to blogs with Feedly), that’s cool too. Just specify the service you use in your comment.
  3. Leave a comment telling me you like Your Stuff & Kids’ Stuff Consignment Boutique on Facebook OR follow them on Twitter.


Please leave a separate comment for each entry if you want them all to count. Make sure you include your email so I’ll have a way to contact you if you win. Giveaway only open to U.S. residents.

The last day to enter the giveaway is Sunday, November 18th. The winner will be announced on Monday, November 19th. And you really should enter because I don’t have a ton of followers so your chances of winning will likely be high. :D

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Weekend Links!

image via Modern Hepburn/ source Shay Murphy Photography. I miss Ireland dearly!

A beautiful magazine mostly focusing on unique and beautiful interior design. It also has some DIYs, recipes, cool products, etc. AND it’s totally free, once a month, online.

Tips for successful thrift shopping (great for consignment shopping, too). I’ve read a lot of similar articles, and this probably most closely fits with my methodology.

Sweaters to keep an eye out for this season.

This blog has LOADS of clothing alteration tutorials and DIYs. I like this one.

Feedly is my new best friend for keeping up with my blogs. PLUS, there’s an app for my iPhone…and it’s free.

Check out all the amazing bloggers (including myself) featured in this What We Wore Challenge hosted by What I Wore.

I’m dying to make this cake. Yum!

I’m going to my nearest Anthro for their Holiday Display Workshop next week (attendees get to help them make their holiday store decorations). Interested? See if one is happening near you…they’re free to attend, you just have to RSVP.

I hope you have a fantastic, relaxing weekend! And be excited about next week…I have some cool stuff coming up for the blog! :)


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Weekend Links!

image of Dragon’s Tooth, Va via maggarama on Instagram (follow me!)

Relax a minute at You can even change the location to your liking.

Still not happy? How about a compliment…or three?

A book about being a successful blogger. Watch the video! It’s cool.

A neat tulip skirt tutorial.

I did a post on how to wear chambray not too long ago, but here’s another helpful guide.

I’m in love with every single dress on Anthropologie’s website right now. Someone go buy one, wear it a few times, then bring it to a nearby consignment store, please (size 6)!

Need some outfit inspiration?

Have a beautiful weekend!

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Halloween Costumes

I’ve got a computer again, hooray!

Today I’m going to share with you some halloween costumes that my friends and I have come up with the past couple years. They are all handmade and mostly pretty simple to put together. SO if you need a costume and still have no idea what to do, hopefully these will give you some ideas!

Two years ago, my sister visited me at school and we went to my friends’ party as Willy Wonka and an Oompa Loompa. I bought the purple blazer from Goodwill and painted the W on it with acrylic paint. The loafers are also from Goodwill and the rest of the outfit is stuff I already had. The top hat and the cane were from a Halloween store, and the bow tie I made out of some craft felt. For the golden tickets, I found a picture of the original and recreated it in illustrator. I painted some cardstock with gold paint, let it dry, then printed my design onto it with my regular ole inkjet printer (I covered it with clear tape so the ink wouldn’t smear). For my sister’s costume, we bought some green hair spray (which, as you can see, worked great) and borrowed some of my friend’s white face paint for her eyebrows. We used bronzer for her face and just LOADED it on. The suspenders are just some rope I had leftover from a project, and the rest of the outfit is stuff we already had.

My friend Hannah went as Harley Quinn from Batman. For the top, I think she took a red shirt and a black shirt (Goodwill), cut them in half, and sewed a black half to a red half. She did the same for the pants. She painted one of her boots red, and all the other details like the collar and the hat, she sewed herself. She’s very devoted to making awesome costumes!

Last year, I went as Madam Hooch, the flying teacher in Harry Potter, and Hannah went as Rogue from X-Men. My white hair is the result of a little bottle of hair paint from a Halloween/costume store. The broom is from the same store. My outfit consists of a navy belted dress, a white button-up shirt, a black trench coat, knee-high black socks, and grey boots – all stuff I already had. Hannah’s outfit mostly consists of stuff she already had as well. All the green details are made from a green t-shirt she bought at a craft store.

Here’s a comparison of my costume with the actual Madam Hooch.

I hope you have a fun Halloween! Do you have a creative costume planned?

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Weekend Links!

photo taken at Catawba Falls Trail, Old Fort, NC

Occasionally, I remember I wrote this several years ago and it makes me happy.

Seating makeover! I painted and reupholstered this stool (except mine was white with with an ugly faded black pleather seat) to make this lovely. I just spray painted it copper and stapled some new fabric to the seat.

Completely random, but Ebay got a little makeover.It’s not major, but I’m a graphic designer so I immediately noticed.

I often wish I could just transplant a Madewell store into my closet. Check out their fall style tips.

Have you seen this Bad Lip Reading video of the presidential debate? Such ridiculousness. Also check out BLR’s other videos if you never have – the Twilight one is funny, and the Micheal Bubl√© one…well, you’ll just have to see for yourself.

Pretty pictures! And a good source of fashion inspiration.

I think I need to read this article…but I don’t have time. :P

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Weekend Links!

fall leaves

image via

A guide on how to dress for any occasion – from first impressions to religious events.

A dad sends his son’s favorite toy to space. Cute video!

Switzerland tourism commercials are great. So creative! If you have time, check out more of MySwitzerland’s videos. Iceland has some creative, crazy tourism videos, too. Obviously I want to travel.

How to Relish Autumn, a silly illustration.

An October desktop wallpaper from Ruche.

This looks like a fun job.

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Blogs Worth Following

I LOVE finding new blogs to follow (even though my Bloglovin’ account is overflowing with unread posts). Particularly with fashion blogs, everyone has something they are good at, their niche. So today I’m going to share some of my favorites and why I like them. Some are newer finds and some I’ve been faithful to awhile. Hopefully you’ll find someone new to follow from my suggestions! And these are in no particular order.

1. Sidewalk Ready

Sidewalk Ready

Kayley is great at feminine and classic looks. Her styles are very achievable, as most of them are composed of pretty basic pieces. She pairs things together creatively, though, and always looks super put together and classy. She’s a great resource if you’re looking for inspiration on how to creatively mix and match classic pieces that most women probably own some variation of.

2. Delightfully Tacky

Delightfully Tacky

This is one I just recently discovered and I love it. Elizabeth is a pro with pattern mixing and layering. A “natural maximist” she calls herself. Her style is quirky, fun, and floral. She makes me want to be more risky with mixing and not-matching. I also envy her hair. Check her out if you need help in the pattern mixing department or if your closet is overflowing with florals that your not sure how to wear.

3. Selective Potential

Selective Potential

Tieka’s style is funky, a bit edgy, and also girly. Yeah – all those things. I get the vibe that she’s a “dresses and skirts most of the time” type of girl. I love her taste in colors and color mixing, and all of her pictures are an adventure. She makes me want to just go exploring…all the time. Follow her if you’re a dress-wearing girl (who loves fall and all of its beautiful colors).

4. Tick Tock Vintage

Tick Tock Vintage

Veronika’s style is exactly what you’d expect – vintage. She’s great at not only finding beautiful vintage pieces, but wearing them. She’s really the perfect mix of modern and vintage. She makes me want to give vintage a try, which is one realm of secondhand I have yet to be brave enough to dive into. She’s great if you like feminine and fun fashion that hints at decades past.

5. Others

Some other blogs that I follow are Sincerely, Kinsey, Hummingbird Girls, Threads and Buttons, Feathers and Freckles, and Wendy’s Lookbook. A couple older blogs that are no longer active but are still great for their archives are What Would a Nerd Wear and Sunday Crossbow.

Have fun browsing these sites, and I hope you discover a gem. Do you have any favorite fashion blogs you follow? Please share!!!

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Weekend Links!

Weekend links are late this week…sorry. But it’s still the weekend, right?

american eskimo pups image via

Try Real Simple’s Finish the Look fashion game. I was on a roll at first, but it got a little tricker in subsequent rounds. Or maybe it just got more subjective?

So remember that poll I posted to help me choose an iPhone case? Well, I just decided to design my own. I ordered it…and you can too! It’s here on Society6. You can also get prints and stationary.

Burgundy is supposed to be big this fall.

Check out this folding chair makeover tutorial! I’m working on doing this to a folding stool. I’ll post pictures of the result this coming week.

I made these green tea cupcakes for my mom’s birthday a few weeks ago. We left off the strawberry custard and frosting, but they were still delicious!

Take a look through Anthropologie’s and Ruche’s fall lookbooks for some style inspiration.

Hope you had a great weekend!


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