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Doggone Great Weekend Links!

a cute puppy to brighten your day via Modern Hepburn

Speaking of dogs, find you doggelganger!

One of my favorite fashion pin boards to follow.

A spaghetti fork?

A beautifully designed online travel magazine. Can’t say I’ve read it, but the design is…well…beautiful.

I randomly encountered this song and it’s been stuck in my head all week. How can such an upbeat song be so sad? :D Silliness.

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Weekend Links!

image via lavender aura

haha, funny dog.

How to mix patterns. Tips courtesy of Sydney.

Bensimon. Simple. European. Want.

Pretty pictures.

Just saw Siku the Polar Bear on the news. Adorable!

Making an avocado pie tonight. You should try it. YUM!

This kid is amazing.

P.S. Are you a pinner? Follow me! Also, keep up with my blog by subscribing on Bloglovin!

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It’s my birthday too, yeah

Sorry I didn’t post today (yesterday). It was my birthday, to say the least. Outfit and details coming soon!

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Weekend Links!

via Pinterest (via Madewell blog)

Here are some links to check out this weekend!

Madewell’s spring lookbook is fun. You, like me, probably can’t afford to shop there, but it’s great outfit inspiration.

This commercial is fabulous…concept, execution, animation, and all.

Goats develop accents. Random. I know.

Make an awesome t-shirt necklace! (I’ve featured one in previous posts)

This song is still stuck in my head. Thank you, dear friends who showed this to me. Don’t ask. It’s a lot more entertaining if you are familiar with Toby Turner.

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Weekend Links!

{image via Pinterest}

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday! I was really busy, honest! Here are some cool links for you, though.

Chai tea s’mores!? Someone come make these for me, please!

Genetic portraits. This artist takes family members’ portraits and merges them together to show resemblance. Weird, yet interesting!

Cute DIY headband!

Quick and easy dinners…the only one I’ve tried is the hummus and zucchini flatbread, but it was yummy!

Learning to (or want to learn) to use a DSLR camera like me? This website may help. Very cool.

It’s a sloth! This etsy shop has adorable stuff.

Test your senses!

Who cares if you don’t like Belle and Sebastian…the video is cool…and a bit trippy.

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Weekend links!


{image via katerha}

Enjoy! …

Love this necklace!

A plethora of blogs to check out, cool artists, pretty desktop wallpapers, diy projects, inspiration, and, of course, a little self promotion and marketing thrown in.

An absolutely adorable cut-out “calendar of the month” series. I printed and assembled the chicken coop!

I have an obsession with scalloped edges.

Very cool recipe site. The pictures make me hungry!

Lastly, have you seen this cows love jazz video? haha!

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Weekend Links!

Madewell shirt

{image via Madewell}

Want a colorblock tee without paying $42 (the price of the one above)? Check out this tutorial to make your own.

Want some colorblock flats to go with that tee? Another great tutorial here.

Grilled cheese a zillion ways.

These are paintings. Unbelievable!

Cool concept – book buying with a mission.

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Weekend Links!



Here are some links to chech out this weekend!

Have you watched this short TED talk yet? If you’ve read my Q&A, then you may have.

I discovered a new blogger! Kelley of Threads and Buttons wears more thrifted items than the average style blogger. Yay for her!

Make life easier.

These “cinemagraphs” are really cool. They remind me of Harry Potter. ha.

My friend shared this video about iPhone apps with me. hahaha.

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Weekend Links!

{via piccsy}

Here are some links for your weekend enjoyment!

• A blogger I follow just redesigned her site and is having a HUGE giveaway to celebrate!

• Pantone has released their fashion color report for Spring 2012!

• Need some extra outfit inspiration? Check out some of these lookbooks.

• Get to know your shoe types.

• Matchbook, an online lifestyle magazine, suggests 50 closet classics.

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Happy Halloween! (featuring costumes)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I wasn’t very festive…no black and orange :( Purple is kinda halloween-y, right?

I had lunch on my jacket:

jacket: Merona via Your Stuff; top: Old Navy via Plato’s Closet; jeans: Gap via Uptown Cheapskate; flats: J. Crew via Your Stuff; belt: Plato’s Closet earrings: Plato’s Closet

And here’s my halloween costume (saturday night)! I was Madam Hooch, the flying teacher from Harry Potter. I had fun with the hair! My housemate, the other person in the last picture, was Rogue from X Men.

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