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Jumping Fun

I need to remember in the future that I have a dog and my backyard is her potty. To put it nicely, I spent a while cleaning my shoes after these pictures. Ew.

I wore this to take my friend shopping at a consignment store about an hour away. It was the perfect outfit, really, because I was wearing enough layers to make me not want to try too much on, so I only bought a sweater and a purse (I just went to the same store a couple weeks ago and spent a lot).

I have a tutorial coming later this week…a nice festive one. I’ve been working on some freelance graphic design and web design projects with approaching deadlines, so I have yet to actually DO the project that my tutorial is for, but hopefully I’ll start tonight and finish tomorrow. So expect it (or hope for it) on Wednesday.

Speaking of festive, it’s really hard to grasp that it could possibly be December where I am. The weather today was in the 70s – unseasonably warm! WHAT? Where’s my snow? How’s the weather where you are?OLIVESTRIPE4 OLIVESTRIPE3 OLIVESTRIPE5 OLIVESTRIPE6 OLIVESTRIPE2 OLIVESTRIPE1

dress: secondhand Tory Burch (new with tags, orig. $200. I got it for less than $100. Oh the perks of consignment stores!)
sweater: secondhand New York and Company
scarf: secondhand
tights: Target
boots: secondhand Steve Madden
hat: secondhand San Diego Hat Co.

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Thanksgiving Outfit

I wore this on Sunday to go celebrate a second Thanksgiving with some family. I have a dozen different shades of brown and grey going on here as well as many different patterns and textures, but I really like how it turned out.

Oh hey, I never wished you all a happy Thanksgiving! How was it? Hopefully filled with lots of yummy food and family time! :D

Silliness always happens when my sister is home.

sweater: secondhand A.N.A.
cardigan: secondhand Loft
skirt: secondhand xhilaration
belt: secondhand
tights: CVS??
boots: secondhand Mossimo

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Garden Hopping

Last week, I gave you a tutorial for how to make a peter pan collar. Here’s how I styled it. These pictures were taken on a little adventure to a bog garden and some other garden close to the bog garden in North Carolina.

Aha, yes, this location looks perfect.

Explanation for why my hair looks the way it does in these photos? We were running around the gardens…literally.

O Knights of Ni, we have brought you your shrubbery.

Yup, those are sneakers. Don’t worry, I changed back into my other shoes once we were done walking through the bog garden.

Lovely photographer.

top: secondhand Gap sweater, DIY collar
sweater: Old Navy
skirt: secondhand New York and Company
belt: secondhand
shoes: secondhand Missoni for Target
(sneakers: Asics)

Here are a few more pictures from our adventure:

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Red, Orange, and a Giveaway Winner!

The red (or burgundy)/orange pairing has been popular lately (see here and here). Since I love both colors, I gave it a try. Here’s my take on the combo. Are there any interesting color combos you’ve seen lately that you like?

shirt: secondhand
cardigan: secondhand Talbots
jeans: secondhand J. Crew
scarf: secondhand
shoes: Crown Vintage
earrings: secondhand

Look forward to Wednesday. I have a tutorial for you inspired by this.

ANNDDDD here’s the giveaway winner! Congrats Jessica! I’ll email you to figure out how to get this bracelet to you.

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An Anthropologie Adventure

Go enter my GIVEAWAY!

I got these red tights for 50¢ (they’re Hue, which are usually $10-$15 a pair). I almost didn’t get them because the bright color kind of intimidated me and I didn’t know how I would wear them. I figured it’s only 50¢ though, so who cares if I never use them. I think this first attempt was very successful and I’m excited to wear them again. Now I just want to go and find all sorts of fun tights! Have you ever warily made a purchase and then ended up loving it?

dress: secondhand Old Navy
cardigan: secondhand Banana Republic
belt: secondhand
tights: secondhand Hue
shoes: secondhand Minnetonkas
purse: vintage via Etsy (cayatwentyone)
earrings: secondhand

Last Thursday, our nearest Anthropologie had a Holiday decorating event where we helped them make decorations for their store. I went with my mom and a few of her employees. We had dinner, went to the event, and then did a bit of window shopping. The event itself was pretty disappointing. We were just cutting and gluing to make 3D triangles. They’re going to turn them into a glittery garland like you see in the third picture. So when we were all tired of cutting out triangles, we left and went window shopping instead. Here are a few pictures from the event (at least we got free cookies, water, and hot chocolate :D ).

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What’s in Store

I was working in the store (Your Stuff Consignment Boutique) this weekend, and I noticed how much cute stuff is there! So I grabbed my phone and snapped some pictures. Have you found any really great things at your local consignment store(s) lately? (P.S. Have you entered my GIVEAWAY yet?)

Lots of pretty jewel tones! They look great paired with black and white.

Also lots of nice winter coats and accessories. I love that Coldwater Creek coat on the bottom right. Such pretty colors! The scarf with little flower details on the edges in the bottom left picture is really cute, too. We have it in several other colors.

Heels, heels, heels! Lots of options in every size!

A funky pair of Nine west heels (size 7 1/2, I think) and a nice pair of hiking shoes (size 6). I wish the hiking shoes were my size – I need a new pair.

So many boots – the entire front wall is covered! These are some of my favorites.

A lot of cute jewelry just came in. The display case is overflowing with rings!

Consignors have been bringing in lots of covetable gems, like this dress new with tags from Anthropologie (available in both size 8 and size 10).

Animal prints!

Some great items – a pleated black skirt, an artsy dolman-style tunic, a bright Talbots vest with a faux fur edged hood, a cute wool coat.

And here’s me! Exploring the shoes.

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Shades of Blue

Let me start off by reminding you… GO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY I posted yesterday. You know you want to. :D

Mmmmm, cool weather. I love cool weather, and I’m happy it’s here. I’d much rather wear three layers of wool sweaters, thermal underwear, scarves, and wool socks than be so hot the only thing that will help is a cold swimming pool (though about 60-65˚F is ideal).

Which do you prefer, cold weather or warm weather (or cool weather or hot weather?)

I’m finally sporting the chambray! I decided to go with all shades of blue this day, but I’m looking forward to incorporating it into many more outfits. Need ideas for your chambray? See this post I wrote.

shirt: J. Crew Factory (sale and coupon)
cardigan: secondhand J. Crew
skirt: secondhand Gap
desert boots: Nordstrom (boys dept. last year)
socks: Sierra Trading Post
Earrings: Ten Thousand Villages (fair trade) via Your Stuff Consignment

I went to an arboretum in North Carolina over the weekend with my mom and brother. Here are a few pictures I snapped with my phone on our short little adventure:

Yup, we’ve still got some green around here…

My brother was really excited about that huge pawpaw tree in the left of the picture below. I really like the giant wind chime installation.

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What’s to Come

These are the last of my stocked up photos. I’m excited to start putting together some new outfits that are a little more creative than these last two have been. I’ve actually been having so many outfit ideas lately that I started writing them down…I’ve never been much of an ahead-of-time outfit planner, so that’s new for me. I also have some tutorials and DIYs planned that I’m excited for. So keep an eye out next week for some of that!

top: secondhand JAK
pants: secondhand J. Crew
shoes: Minnetonka Moccasins
earrings: souvenir from Santorini, Greece
hair: a horrendous mess

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Catching up on posts! These were taken in mid October, and look how green it was here then! I’m so used to living in my college town in the Shenandoah Valley where fall comes when you’d expect it to, so now that I’m home…not in the mountains…I felt like fall was never going to show itself. I went on a hiking trip in the Shenandoah last week expecting the leaves to be beautiful (I read that it was supposed to be peak time for color), but it was mostly brown. It was still wonderful to be “home” again. I miss it. My mom, siblings, and I also went to a persimmon and pomegranate festival in the mountains. We got to try lots of delicious varieties of persimmons as well as some wines (persimmon, plum, rosehip). How have you been celebrating fall?

top: secondhand American Eagle
tank: Gap
pants: secondhand Lauren Conrad
shoes: secondhand J. Crew

And here are some pictures from that hike I spoke of. The trails are Hawksbill (highest peak in the park) and Cedar Run in Shenandoah National Park.
This last photo is very Halloween-appropriate, wouldn’t you agree? :)

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Fall Florals

Why did I decide to take pictures midday? I don’t know.

I just got back from having my hair cut, so it’s loaded with product and looks yucky. I’m minimalistic when it comes to hair. I use as little product and as little heat as I can to get it to look decent. I prefer to have cuts that work well with the natural texture of my hair, but this growing out stage is a little tough. ANYWAY…

I bought this shirt when I was shopping for warmer clothes. So it’s NOT what I was after, but how could I turn down this lovely slate grey, navy, and olivey-brown floral? It’s 82˚F here today, so I figured I’d wear it now before it gets cold. I decided to pair it with the boots to make the look more autumnal. This is probably the only skirt I own that I would wear with this top. It’s more snug and short, so the looseness and length of the top works with it. A longer or flowier skirt would have just made me look frumpy. Wanna know more about working with proportion in outfits? Check out this post over at Sidewalk Ready. Kayley has some helpful tips.

top: secondhand Loft
skirt: secondhand xhilaration
boots: Star Ling (Nordstrom), several years old
bracelets: free gift at NARTS conference
earrings: secondhand

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