Cozy Sweater Lesson

So this was a day when the desire to be warm was more overpowering than the desire to look great. It’s not terrible, but I wouldn’t wear this combo again. The shape of the sweater (length in particular) and the shape of the dress just don’t work together. But the sweater…it’s from Ireland…and it’s warm…and it’s cozy! This dress is actually really cute when it’s not covered up by a frumpy sweater. It has a kinda 1950′s look to it and it’s a very flattering shape. I’ll have to feature it again. So consider this a lesson: be careful what you wear cozy (i.e. frumpy) sweaters with.
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sweater: Aran Sweater Shop, Inis Mór, Ireland
dress: secondhand L.L. Bean
tights: secondhand Hue
shoes: secondhand Minnetonka

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