Fall Wish List

I’m SO excited for fall weather. It’ll be nice when I don’t have to remove layers when I go outside (because a normal indoor temperature is cold to me). I’m noticing a trend amongst the outfits I’ve been pinning lately . They’re all pretty classic looks–simple pieces with timeless shapes and patterns, lots of layering, rich neutral colors. Combining sophisticated and casual, classy and laid-back. My summer wardrobe is colorful and a bit funky, so I guess I’m just ready for some change. Of course, I still love unique, fun pieces, like these loafers, for instance. But I think sticking with mostly simple, classic pieces and adding just one or two unique items will really make those items shine. Here are some things I’ve discovered recently that, if I had a bottomless wallet, I’d probably snatch up. I guess I’ll just have to look for similar items in consignment stores…the best way to go!


Any trends or items you’re eying for fall?

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