Weekend Links!

via Pinterest (it was between that picture and this one today)

Happy “Lá Fhéile Pádraig!” Check out these fun links!

Llama font. Very practical, really.

Did you know clouds can be cute? Well, they can. Some of the other “we think things” videos are cool, too, if you have time. Namely, 35mm.

Marc Johns prints are fun. I wasted so much time looking through them. I like this one, this one, and this one reminds me of a certain someone who likes to mock me when I wear plaid.

Typographic chocolate. Too pretty to eat…but not really. I mean, it’s CHOCOLATE.

Finally, a new idea for what to do with all that polymer clay I bought at a yard sale.

March Anthropologie catalog. Be inspired. I’m in love with the umbrella shirt on page 25!

The color wheel game. Wanna waste some time?

And finally, the teaser for a short action film my friend is making. I’m the script supervisor. She bought me a clipboard…so official!

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