Bye-Bye Carpet!

Today I moved all my furniture, ripped up the carpet, pulled a zillion staples out of the floor, pried up all the tack strip, cleaned (scrubbed!) the floor, and moved all my furniture back into place. 3 more rooms + a hallway to go! I volunteered to do this for my parents while I’m still at home. I really like to stay busy, and sometimes I like to get away from the computer and do things that require a little more physical activity than sitting and typing (web designer!). Our carpet is ancient and icky, so its removal is long overdue.

So…I never did a blog post today (well, I did this one, but I didn’t do my typical style, tips, or DIY post). I should have an outfit for you tomorrow, though. I’m spacing out this carpet removal so I don’t wear myself out too much/strain any muscles/break my back. I hope your week is off to a great start! :)

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