Summer Rain Shoes

summer rain shoes I think it’s about time for me to get a haircut…have it layered a bit more. I can sense triangle -head coming on. I haven’t straightened my hair for over a month. I used to always resort to straightening when I couldn’t get my curls to lay right, but I’m learning to work with my hair, and I finally have a routine that’s quick, easy, and no-fail (well, normally). I’m kinda curious how long my hair is straight now, though…maybe I’ll straighten it one day just to see. coral and navy summer rain shoes I normally avoid cheap flip-flops, but it was a very rainy day (torrential downpours), and flip-flops are pretty much summertime rain shoes as long as you don’t mind having wet feet. I saw a little girl in the Apple store the other day wearing a pleated skirt the same color as these sandals (which are a lot more of a neon coral than they appear in these pictures). It was adorable and I wanted it!

tee: secondhand Mossimo (Target)
skirt: secondhand Free People
necklace: handmade
sandals: secondhand Old Navy
coral and navy

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