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A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Today was actually warm enough to frolic around barefoot for a while. I had a nice balance of indoor/outdoor time today. I spent some time inside trying to figure out how to create a mobile version of a website, and I spent some time outside playing with my dog, helping my brother with garden stuff, and just hanging out. I love warmish weather!

top: secondhand Talbots; leggings: Gap; belt: secondhand; shoes: Minnetonka Moccasins;

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Top Hat

Like my top hat? That was actually just to hide my hair. I stayed home most of the day today, so I never really took the effort to fix my bed head…until 5:30 before I went to target.

tank: secondhand; cardigan: secondhand fever; jeans: secondhand Express; shoes: Minnetonka; earrings: secondhand; belt: secondhand; top hat: costume store

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Birthday Celebrations!

Since I was a meany and didn’t post yesterday, you get TWO posts today. YAY!

This is what I wore on my birthday (Thursday). Let’s see, apart from the usual – class and work – I went to a burger and beer place in town with my housemates. It’s rather ironic, since I’m not AT ALL a beer and burger person. But they’re pretty famous in town for their weird specialty burgers (for example, Monday’s special burger is served on a glazed doughnut – probably the weirdest special), their sweet potato fries, and their fried oreos. It was our first time there, and it was yummy. I also went with my friend to audition for a part in another friend’s movie that I’m the script supervisor for (she auditioned, not me). It was about 2 hours of watching acting, but it was really fun/funny. They did some improv that was hilarious. This weekend, my mom is here. We did a bunch of eating and a bunch of shopping. In two days, we had Ethiopian food, Indian food, Japanese food, and “down home” (southern) food. It was ALL delicious. I also got some cool consignment shop finds that may be featured soon! Be excited.

top: Gap; skirt: secondhand Free People; shoes: secondhand Steve Madden; earrings: purchased in Sedona, Arizona; belt: secondhand; tights: Target

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6 Months of Favorites

I’ve had my blog for about six months now, so to celebrate, I dug up some of my favorite outfit posts I’ve done. I have 2 for each month minus November and only one for December (I took a hiatus for finals). Click the images to go to the original post.

Which of these are you’re favorites? Do any other outfits I’ve posted stand out to you?

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Somehow, throughout the course of my entire 22 years of existence, I have never heard Mardi Gras referred to as Fat Tuesday…until today. According to Wikipedia, it refers to “the practice of the last night of eating richer, fatty foods…”, so I guess my eating of graham crackers and nutella right now is appropriate (though I’m not fasting tomorrow…but does that really matter?)

I was slightly hesitant to wear this outfit. I grew up thinking short boots + dresses = no no, and socks + tights = no no. I had to let my style blogger instincts (in other words, my knowledge of other bloggers who have successfully done these things) take over and break those unwritten rules. I got many many compliments on my outfit (which I’m 99% sure were genuine, not mocking, haha). My friend told me I looked kind of steampunkish and suggested that I need some brass goggles. Ha. This outfit did grow on me, though. I like it a lot.

Wanna see these pieces styled differently? top, skirt, skirt. Which is your favorite?

top: secondhand Old Navy; skirt: secondhand Loft; scarf: secondhand; tights: Target; boots: secondhand Nine West; earrings: secondhand

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Loser Face

The following paragraph is Maggie wallowing in self pity. Feel free to skip and proceed to the pictures.

Have you ever noticed that no matter how wonderful of a day you have, it’s what happens at the very end of the day that determines your outlook on it? Maybe it’s just me. I spent my morning putting up a fiber arts installation with some classmates and got to leave class early, my later class was cancelled so I got the whole afternoon off, I ordered a bunch of stuff I’ve been needing to buy for a while (fun stuff), I went on a little shopping trip (Michael’s!) with a friend and ate some homemade black raspberry ice cream in a cinnamon waffle cone (yuuuuuum), and I watched Doctor Who. Sounds great, right? Well, I found out tonight that I was not the winner in a logo competition I entered. Big deal, I know. I just got third place in an INTERNATIONAL competition last week; I have no reason to complain. But I have a few weaknesses: I’m overly ambitious, I’m competitive when it comes to art/design, and I sometimes tend to have too much confidence in myself (in certain areas, like art). In too high concentrations, these things hurt because they mean I’m also disappointed too easily. I keep telling myself “stop it! get over it! NOT a big deal!” but yes, I’m disappointed. I have my reasons for being so bent on winning this competition, but still…someone train me to not let petty things like this bother me!

On a happier note, I’m going to beautiful Ireland this summer with one of my best friends! Beyond excited!

Now here’s what you’re really here for: my outfit.

sweater: secondhand Gap; jacket: secondhand Abercrombie; jeans: secondhand Gap; scarf: purchased in Scotland; shoes: Toms; earrings: secondhand

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Knight in Shining Armor

I had quite a fabulous Valentine’s Day. How about you? I suppose my friends Hannah, Molly, and Eliza made do as my “valentines.” I got chocolates and (fake) flowers and candies and cookies and bagels from these and other awesome people. Classes didn’t meet today because my school is just so festive they decided to make Valentine’s Day a holiday…no, actually it was “assessment day” meaning freshman, most sophomores, and seniors had to take assessment tests to see how well various departments are teaching their students. After these fun tests, my friends and I got lunch, chatted, and spent a veeerrrry long time in Michael’s (artsy people we be) buying things and wanting things that we didn’t buy. It was oodles of fun. Gosh, I’m going to miss them when we graduate!

PLUS! Special feature! My sister’s outfit I find quite adorable, so I’m featuring a picture of her that I snatched off Facebook (with her permission, of course). I believe most of what she is wearing is secondhand. Her cute oxford heels are via DSW and her tights are via Plato’s Closet. I love the bright colors, and I want to steal that pleated skirt! Her knight in shining armor, however, is a little too short for her. :)

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Shades of Blue

Wanna see how I’ve styled this shirt differently? Click here! I’ve never really thought of wearing this shirt under something before, but this morning, I wanted to wear this sweater because it’s comfy and warm (and it’s cold outside), but I didn’t want to wear the same ol’ black tee under it. I found this shirt in the back of my closet and thought it would be interesting.

sweater: secondhand Madison Studio; top: secondhand American Eagle; jeans: secondhand Express; earrings: purchased in Santorini, Greece; necklace: secondhand; boots: secondhand Steve Madden

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Thoughts on Laziness

It’s weird that I’m not used to looking at pictures of myself without makeup (like this one). I don’t mind the way I look without makeup at all. I think for me, putting makeup on is more of a way of waking myself up. When I don’t take the time to do that simple task, I just feel like going back to bed. Odd psychology, but it works the same as sweatpants…if I go around all day in sweatpants, I just feel like being lazy.

This is what I wore Sunday.

cardigan: secondhand Express; top: secondhand Gap; pants: secondhand New Directions; shoes: secondhand Nine West;

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I Can Knit!

See that fabulous circle scarf? I MADE that this weekend. I’m quite proud of myself. I tried knitting once when I was younger but I didn’t get very far because I wasn’t patient. Now I’m taking a fiber arts class, so I relearned and I enjoy it now. It’s kind of meditative. I’ve also learned crocheting, and today I made a pretty awesome hyperbolic structure (I’m in a group for a project and we are making a knitted and crocheted installment to go in the art building).

sweater: secondhand J. Crew; cardigan: Old Navy; skirt: secondhand J. Crew; boots: secondhand b.o.c.; tights: Anthropologie (sale!) earrings: secondhand; scarf: made by ME!

On a random note, last week I had this urge (for about three days!) to grow my hair back out again. I’ve never had that urge last that long before…it was weird because I really do love my hair short (though it’s getting too long right now). I think this picture is one of few pictures that makes me miss my hair (Me [left]? With long hair? yeeaaah!). Maybe I’m misinterpreting my nostalgia. Maybe it’s London (where this pic is taken) that I miss.

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