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Outfit Love

If I had to choose one outfit so far on this blog to rewear, it would be this one. Actually, I’m SURE I’ll wear this again. I don’t rewear the same combos often, partially because of this blog and partially because I like experimenting, but I have to make exceptions for outfits I love, like this one. I almost didn’t try this skirt on because it’s two sizes bigger than my usual size. I tried it on anyway and I’m SO glad I did because I love it. I also almost didn’t buy this top because I own so many striped grey shirts, but also glad for this choice. Ever since I saw this outfit (my inspiration) on Pinterest, I’ve wanted a pleated grey skirt. Patience pays off :)

top: secondhand J. Crew; skirt: secondhand J. Crew; boots: secondhand Mossimo; earrings: secondhand

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HOMEWORK! blllaaah.

cardigan: Old Navy; top: secondhand Old Navy; skirt: secondhand 21; boots: Star Ling via Nordstrom; earrings: secondhand

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Lazy Holiday

No classes today! Woohoo! It’s a good thing I have lots of outfit pictures already, because I’m wearing lounge pants and a sweatshirt today. And feeling really guilty for doing nothing productive. WHY?!

sweater: secondhand Sweet Romeo; tank: secondhand J. Crew; jeans: secondhand Express; boots: secondhand Steve Madden; belt: secondhand; earrings: Ten Thousand Villages

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My schedule issues are FINALLY resolved, so I’m happy :) I also got my hair cut today, so I’m REALLY happy. my head was getting pretty shaggy. (these photos are from before Christmas)

I really like this sweater. I try to avoid collecting cardigans because I own way too many, but sometimes I can’t resist.

sweater: secondhand Kensie; shirt: secondhand Banana Republic; jeans: secondhand Gap; boots: Star Ling; necklace: secondhand (grandma)

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Movie Set

This outfit is from early December. My house was being used by a friend of mine as a film set for a movie about an artist, thus the craziness behind me. Her movie turned out GREAT though. She’s an amazing writer/artist/director.

Oh, and this was a rainboot day, so that’s why you get to see my fabulous tea socks.

sweater: secondhand New York & Company; top: secondhand ?; jeans: Old Navy; socks: Covent Garden London; earrings: Ten Thousand Villages via Your Stuff

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Tip + Scarf Tutorial

What I wore today…tip: don’t wear leggings with cotton skirts – the skirt sticks to the leggings and bunches up as you walk. Not fun to deal with.

sweater: Gap via Plato’s Closet; skirt: J. Crew via a consignment store; leggings: Gap; boots: Merona via Your Stuff; scarf: Your Stuff; earrings(favorites!): gift via Etsy, from sister

P.s. Wanna know how I did that crazy cool scarf knot? Learn here on Sidewalk Ready!

P.s.s. Aren’t those mismatch teapot and teacup earrings cute! Thank you, sister (birthday gift in February)!

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Happy Halloween! (featuring costumes)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I wasn’t very festive…no black and orange :( Purple is kinda halloween-y, right?

I had lunch on my jacket:

jacket: Merona via Your Stuff; top: Old Navy via Plato’s Closet; jeans: Gap via Uptown Cheapskate; flats: J. Crew via Your Stuff; belt: Plato’s Closet earrings: Plato’s Closet

And here’s my halloween costume (saturday night)! I was Madam Hooch, the flying teacher from Harry Potter. I had fun with the hair! My housemate, the other person in the last picture, was Rogue from X Men.

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So plaid is in according to Real Simple Magazine and Your Stuff Consignment Boutique!

Because I got a request to wear plaid, I went to Plato’s Closet and bought this shirt. Actually, I had seen it when I was there with my sister and and decided I wanted it, so I went back and got it. I love the tomato-y red color. And my boots…I looove them. In the pictures they make my feet look huge, but I’m pretty sure it’s just the way the light is hitting them…I’m only a 7.5 – that’s not particularly huge.

shirt: Hollister via Plato’s Closet; jeans: Old Navy; earrings: Your Stuff; shoes: Nine West via Uptown Cheapskate; belt: Your Stuff

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I decided today that I would avoid the internet ALL DAY until I had (most) everything I needed to do DONE. I didn’t turn my computer on and check email/Facebook during breakfast like I normally do. I read for class instead. I didn’t turn my computer on until 2:30, and only then to study. I successfully stayed offline until 10:08pm. And you know what else? There wasn’t a single important or exciting thing waiting for me. Yes, I was disappointed that after all that time, I was rewarded with nothing. BUT, that just proves that my obsessiveness is totally unnecessary.

So here is what I wore today. A cheery outfit for a dreary, rainy day.

top: J.Crew via a consignment store (can’t remember which); skirt: Loft via Uptown Cheapskate; earrings: Plato’s Closet; shoes: Minnetonka; belt: Plato’s Closet

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Guy on a Buffalo

Hi guys! To explain the lateness, I had a nice long phone conversation with my brother tonight during which he talked in various accents, we watched THIS and THIS and THIS, and we also discussed my sister’s future kids, but nothing more needs to be said about that. Here’s what I wore today. It was warm, so I took advantage of the unusual weather and wore this [short, thin] skirt. Lots of pictures today. Have I mentioned lately – I LOVE orange?


top: Banana Republic via Nart’s Conference consignment tour in Dallas, TX; skirt: handmade by me; shoes: Boutique 9 via Amazon (sale!); earrings: Ten Thousand Villages via Your Stuff

Wanna know how to make a skirt like the one I’m wearing (it even has POCKETS!)? HERE is the tutorial I used. Super easy!

Have a FANTASTIC weekend! I’ll be exploring downtown, going to a tailgate and football game, going to a local music/food event (to benefit local farming), maybe going to try some bratwurst made by my friend’s design history professor(?), eating yummy Mennonite-made doughnuts at the farmer’s market, going to church, seeing a mainstage production at my school, and possibly drinking bubble tea/eating cookies/eating the best pizza in town. My sister is visiting – I don’t normally have weekends this crazy. We’ll see how much we actually fit in. :)

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