I (really really) need your input!

Dear followers,

I’ve been considering adding a new monthly or bi-monthly article to my blog, and I’ve finally decided to go forward with it. Every month (or twice a month…still deciding), I’ll feature a different consignment, resale, or thrift store from around the U.S. I’ll ask the owner/manager questions so you can learn a bit about the shops, what makes them unique, what they offer, and maybe some shopping tips or something, and I’ll get them to share some photos. I want this series over time to build up and prove a valuable resource for secondhand shoppers – a means through which you can learn more about great secondhand stores in your own area or in an area you are traveling to. I love visiting consignment and thrift stores when I travel, and it’s also fun to discover new places close to home.

BUT, I need your input. I want to start off by focusing on areas of the country where my current readers are from. If you are a regular reader, or even if you’re not but you think this is something you’d be interested in reading, let me know where you’re from or where you travel to frequently. If you live in Maryland, say, and would travel anywhere in the state to visit a great store, then you can just list Maryland. If you are in San Francisco and never ever leave the city, then you can specifically list San Francisco, that’s fine, too. Be as specific or broad as you want. I just want to know where to research first.

It’ll just take a second…just type in a location in the poll below and click vote. Thanks ahead of time for your input!


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  1. GreenBean
    Posted January 31, 2013 at 12:07 am | Permalink

    Yeah, I think this sounds like a good idea. I like the Citizen Rosebud (Bella’s) blog pledge to “shop 2nd hand first”. Saves money, better for the earth and your looks are always totally unique! So good idea to promote those stores selling 2nd hand. Looking forward to seeing the posts.

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