Inspiration: Black and White

I’m a color lover. Sure, neutrals are great. In the world of fashion they’re versatile, and some people can pull off head-to-toe neutrals stunningly. But, as I said, I love color. Lately, though, I’ve been drawn to the simplicity of black and white. I noticed a few days ago while scrolling though Pinterest, the images that were catching my eye were of black and white decor, outfits, and art. Because of the stark contrast between the two, when paired together, they are just as eye catching as a vivid color. Obviously, I still hesitate to wear solely black and white, but I’m officially declaring that it will happen soon. In the mean time, here are some of those black and white images that made me look. (Click image for original source.)

swiss cross sweater
black and white outfit black and white outfit
anthropologie bedding
black and white hallway Black and white quilts
stripes and polka dots outfit
painted C abstract painting

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