No Curls, No Color

I finally wore a black and white outfit…and I won’t be doing it again anytime soon.
black and white I’m not sure if it was the lighting or the fact that I wasn’t wearing any color (probably a combo of the two), but my pictures of this outfit turned out pretty bleh. I looked really washed out and the shadows were terrible. I managed to salvage a few with a bit of Photoshop work, though. I like black and white, but I think I prefer it with color, like in this outfit. And I still like the idea for home decor, in which case I wouldn’t actually be wearing it.
black and white accessories Also take note: I straightened my hair! That’s probably another reason I didn’t like how these pictures turned out. I love my curls and I think they flatter me more than straight hair does. But it was fun to do something a little different for a day. I haven’t straightened my hair for a couple months, so I was curious to see how long it is. I’m excited for it to get about 6+ inches longer than this. I’m at the stage where I’m really temped to chop it all off again…but I must persevere. I’m so anxious to have crazy, long, thick curls!

No curls, no color…there’s just no fun in this outfit! ;)

top: secondhand Old Navy
skirt: secondhand New York & Company
necklace watch: The Disney Store (a relic of my childhood)
earrings: secondhand
shoes: secondhand Nine West
black and white

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  1. Elly
    Posted August 30, 2013 at 12:32 pm | Permalink

    Have you ever heard of Dressing Your Truth? According to the programme you are some Type and that matches the colours you should wear, and most people just do not look good in black and white because they are not the type for it.

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