White on Labor Day


Happy Labor Day! I figured I should probably post this outfit before the holiday ends, since some people may actually follow that “no white after Labor Day” rule. According to most fashion sources, though, winter white is a big trend on the runway for fall 2013. I see no reason to eliminate a neutral from my wardrobe for two entire seasons, so white is totally acceptable after Labor Day in my book.

peplum2 peplum3 peplum4

Have you heard the news? My hair is finally long enough to wear in a sort-of-ponytail-like updo! It’s been over two years since my hair was long enough for that. I’ve never really been one to wear my hair up, even back when I was sixteen and had crazy long hair But…sometimes my hair doesn’t cooperate. When I was sixteen, I normally straightened my hair (or all but the ends), but now I prefer not to do that, so putting it up is my solution for uncooperative hair. I’m excited to let my hair get as long as it was then, but with more knowledge on how to cut and style curly hair (Need some tips? Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky has some great tips and tutorials). I was going to let my bangs grow out, too, but I’ve pretty much decided I want to have them cut again. I think they make crazy long hair look a bit more groomed and refined…just my opinion. Anyway, enough about hair. Here are my outfit details:

top: secondhand a.n.a
jeans: secondhand Delia’s
shoes: secondhand Cole Haan
earrings: borrowed from mom
bracelet: free gift from NARTS conference


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