Tropical Maxi

tropical maxi colorful beads

I got this colorful, tropical maxi skirt for $5 at a consignment store in Asheville. I got a lot of other items, as well, for $5 at that store! I was pretty excited. I think this skirt was originally part of some outdated old-lady suit, but I definitely prefer it without the matching boxy top, haha. The colors are beautiful.

tropical maxi tropical maxi tropical maxi

So I thought all the craziness was over after the first week of August, but it seems I have a crazy week ahead of me – traveling, interviews, babysitting, brother visiting, etc. It’s exciting though, so I can’t complain. I’ve had a good long week to relax…and work on some design projects, respond to client emails, start a quilt, read books, etc. Considering I only slept in my bed a total of eight times in the month of July, a week of not having to pack or unpack has been wonderful. The excitement starts back up again tomorrow morning.

Top: secondhand Gap
Skirt: secondhand
Necklace: secondhand
Shoes: secondhand Arizona
Belt: secondhand

tropical maxi

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