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Floral and Flannel

I almost didn’t get this cardigan because I just own so many, I really didn’t need any more. I love everything about it, though – the shape, pattern, colors, and the fun collar. I’m glad I did get it, because after sticking it in my closet, I noticed how much I like it with this flannel shirt.

The sweater isn’t really a floral, I guess, but it’s close enough (leaves, right??). Check out the post I did yesterday to see some more bold florals inspiration, and check out this older post to learn some tips on pattern mixing (stripes in particular).
floralflannel1 floralflannel5 floralflannel3 floralflannel2 floralflannel4
flannel: secondhand Carhartt
cardigan: secondhand Nic + Zoe
jeans: secondhand J. Crew
shoes: Nine West (old)
earrings: secondhand

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Inspiration: Bold Florals

I’ve seen a lot of bold florals in spring 2013 lookbooks, magazines, and all over the web. Not little delicate florals, but big, bold, colorful florals. I personally love them because they’re still girly, but loaded with personality – spunky, dramatic, adventurous, artsy! Here are some fun floral styles from around the web. Click the collage for a larger view.

boldflorals wide leg pants, pants trio, dress (bottom row), black floral dress, long skirt, peplum top, dress (striped backdrop), floral top with geometric cardigan, black floral shorts, floral headpiece, orange and navy shorts, scarf, loafers, blazer, flats with jeans, socks

I love the florals alone, and they definitely have enough character and interest to stand alone, but I also like the looks where they’re paired with other patterns – the geometric cardigan, the polka dots. I do think pattern mixing with such bold prints needs to be done cautiously, though.

Do you like bold florals or do you think you’ll stick with the more delicate ones?

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Before you scroll down to see my outfit pictures…

help me out a bit by answering this question. I’m starting a new series on this blog where each month I’ll feature a different consignment, thrift, or resale store around the country. What I need to know is what parts of the country you’d like me to cover (where you are from, where you like to travel). You can specify a city or just tell me a state.. Just enter it in the box below and click vote (it’s completely anonymous). If you want a little more info about this new article I’m going to start, read this.

This outfit was fun to put together because it incorporates so many of my favorite items – the cardigan the tights, the hat.

See these tights styled another way here, and see how my sister styled her floral tights here. Floral tights are fun! :)
flowers1 flowers2 flowers3 flowers4 flowers5

cardigan: secondhand Guinevere
dress: secondhand Loft
tights: Anthropologie last winer (I think my sister’s came from Plato’s Closet.)
boots: secondhand Soda
hat: secondhand Deena & Ozzy (orig. from Urban Outfitters)
earrings: secondhand

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Inspiration: Sneakers

I love sneakers. Hard to believe, considering I never wear them on the blog. I guess I’m just inclined to wear my plethora of other shoes because I have a hard time incorporating sneakers into an outfit in a way that doesn’t look like I’m off to the gym…or playground. Not many other bloggers I follow wear them very often, either. Maybe a pair of chucks shows up every now and then, but that’s it. I searched around and found a bunch of pictures of really cute sneakers and outfits that incorporate them. I hope this inspires you to incorporate some stylish sneakers into more of your outfits. (I want some floral sneakers now!)

I’ve found many cute pairs of sneakers secondhand over the years. Keep an eye out at your local thrift/consignment/resale stores and I’m sure you’ll happen upon a pair for yourself…maybe three! :)

(click image for larger view)

sneakers pink/black Nike, pink high-tops, neon yellow, Madewell & Keds collaboration, colorful Bensimons, black chucks with red pants, brown Bensimons, blue/red Onitsuka, floral dress with studded sneakers, floral Keds, red wedges, jeans/blazer, pink dress and cobalt dress

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It’s a Shorts Kinda Day

I got dressed this morning expecting to be cold. We’ve had really cold weather lately, so it didn’t cross mind mind that that would suddenly change. I was delighted to step outside to a pleasant 72˚F! So I guess shorts were appropriate. :D I’m just glad I chose a tee instead of the sweater I was considering.

This is the first time I’ve ever done the shorts-in-winter thing. These shorts have kind of a tweed look to them (they’re not really tweed, but a lighter stretchy fabric that just looks like tweed) and the pleats and cuff make them a bit dressy, so I really don’t see them as bare-legged summer shorts.

Stripes! Leopard! Tweed! Want more tips on pattern/texture mixing? Check out this post I wrote a while back. shorts1



shorts5 shorts4 shorts6 tee: Gap (old old old)
shorts: secondhand Silence & Noise
scarf: Original Good (Fair Trade)
tights: ???
shoes: Boutique 9 (Nine West)
belt: secondhand

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Deceivingly Comfy

I love when a very “put-together” outfit is also really comfortable. This silky top is nice and supple, the blazer is stretchy soft knit, and these lace-up booties are one of my favorite pairs of shoes. Actually, the least comfortable part of my outfit is also the most casual – the jeans. I’m much more of a skirt or dress person (probably because I don’t have any jeans currently that I love).

Do you have any tricks for staying super comfy while still looking polished? blazer1 blazer2 blazer3 blazer4 blazer5

Hahaha! I was using self-timer continuous shoot and I didn’t realize the camera was still taking pictures…until this moment. blazer6

blazer: secondhand New York and Company
top: secondhand Mango
jeans: secondhand Banana Republic
shoes: secondhand Miss Sixty

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Moccasin Love

I’m still thawing as I type this…it’s really cold and windy outside!

Have I ever told you how much I adore Minnetonka moccasins? I lived in my skimmers in college, but these thunderbirds definitely get the most use now. I also have some fringe booties, which I’ve featured in a few outfits (see here and here). I was lucky enough to find two of my three pairs in brand new condition at consignment stores. Buuuuut, Minnetonkas are one thing I’d be willing to splurge on new if I had the need. If I had to choose one shoe to live in the rest of my life they’d probably be some comfy, reliable moccasins.

redgeo1 redgeo2 redgeo3 redgeo4 redgeo5 redgeo6

top: secondhand Silence + Noise
dress: secondhand Tiana B.
tight: Target
shoes: secondhand Minnetonka
necklace: gift from friend

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Inspiration: Monaco Blue

All of the colors from Pantone’s spring 2013 color report are pretty, so I wanted to feature more than just the color of the year, emerald. This week, I made an inspiration collage for monaco blue. Monaco blue is like a mix between navy and cobalt. I like it because like navy, it’s really versatile, but like cobalt, it’s vibrant. Here are some pictures of the lovely color I gathered from around the web. Click the collage for a larger view.

monacoblue blue and white dress, purse, blue pants, camel skirt, maxi skirt, Porsche, green shirt, vintage dress, necklace, flowers, watercolor pattern, cobalt skirt, nail polish, polka dotted shorts, shoes, orange accessories

I love this color paired with orange, green, cobalt, camel, or just white. I also really like how it looks with black and white patterns (see striped tee and polka dotted shorts above).

I plan to do collages for more of the spring 2013 colors in coming weeks. Take a look at them here and let me know in the comments if there’s one of those colors in particular you’d like me to feature. I’d love your input! :)

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Perpetual Rain

So just pretend these pictures are supposed to look “vintage.”

It has been raining non-stop all week. I looked it up on NOAA, and we’ve received somewhere around 3 inches of rain since Monday. I was out of town all day yesterday (eating sushi with a partially numb mouth, among other things), but I was still planning on taking pictures in my living room with daylight coming in through our big window. I ended up not getting home until after dark, then I had a two hour Google+ hangout with some of my college friends. I took these pictures at 11:30pm in my dark living room with the shutter speed set for super low light. After applying a few photoshop filters, I just gave up with it. You can see my outfit, and that’s really what matters.

Let me give you a quick tour! All of those trophies behind me on the piano are my sister’s clarinet and piano awards. The painting my grandma did of my mom when she was young.

I bought this sweater and shirt on the same shopping trip, but I never really intended to wear them together. As I was trying to figure out how to wear the sweater, though, I realized I like the way they look together. Next time you’re feeling uninspired about what to wear, try pairing some things that you never considered wearing together before. You might just end up loving it.

rainyday1 rainyday2 rainyday3 rainyday4

sweater: secondhand Old Navy
top: secondhand J. Crew
jeans: secondhand New York and Company
socks: REI
boots: secondhand Nine West
hat: secondhand Gap
earrings: new via Your Stuff Consignment Boutique

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Secondhand Shopping Tips

There are “Thrifting Tips” articles all around the blogosphere – I know because I’ve read may of them. But being someone who has been shopping secondhand my whole life, I figure it might be helpful to contribute my own thoughts. So here they are…Maggie’s 8 secondhand shopping tips:

  1. Stay in the know. Subscribe to your favorite consignment and thrift stores’ Facebook pages, texts, Twitter accounts, emails, rewards programs, etc. Stores that are social media savvy will post pictures of new and desirable items to their Facebook/Twitter (recently, a store I follow on Facebook posted some amazing leather combat boots in my size. Unfortunately, I was out of town so by time I was back they had sold. I’m still bummed about that). It’s a great way to be the first to know about great items…and for me, a great motivator to go shopping too much. Emails are a great way to keep in the know about events and sales, and many emails contain coupons. There are all sorts of reward programs. Some stores have punch cards (get a stamp for every $10 spent, for example, and when the card is full you get 20% off) and some stores have VIP programs where members get special deals and discounts.
  2. Go often. The great thing about secondhand stores is that the inventory is always changing. It’s worth a look as often as you can go. Stop in quickly once a week or every other week to see what’s new. That’s how you snag the amazing leather boots or the designer dress in your color.

  3. Either go with some specific needs or go completely open minded. Completely opposite mindsets, I know. But there really are two ways I shop. I either go planning to spend two hours in the store trying on EVERYTHING I like and buy $100 worth…or I go thinking, “I need some jeans and a nice skirt. I’m JUST going to look at jeans and skirts,” and I just buy what I need. How you choose to shop depends on your time and your budget. If you go often, then you can probably go open-minded without needing two hours per visit because you’ll just be checking out what’s new since your last visit. Another reason going often is a good idea. :)
  4. Learn your favorite stores. There are a few stores in my area I consistently go to, and there are many secondhand stores I never go to. After visiting them all, I just stuck to the ones I like – the ones I know I can always find stuff that fits my style, have prices I can afford, and are neat and attractive. Visit all your local secondhand stores a couple times and figure out the ones that you like. Also, always check out consignment and thrift stores when you travel – it’s one of my favorite things to do. It’s interesting to see how style varies from place to place, and I always find something unique.
  5. Go for the gold and be picky about the fool’s gold. I.E., learn to recognize quality and be picky about things of lesser quality. For example, if I find a J. Crew cashmere sweater that fits me perfectly, for $15, I’m definitely buying it. BUT, if I find a Target brand top (or some other cheap, for lack of a better word, brand), I’ll only buy it if it’s really cute, still in great condition, and super cheap because I know it’s not going to last as long as something high quality.

  6. Get familiar with the jeans that fit. I used to go in a store, grab every pair of nice jeans in my size, try them on, and only get one pair. Now I have a nice little mental list of the brands and correlating sizes that work on me (Gap and J. Crew are my main trusty, always-fit brands, but there are 3 or 4 others that often fit me well, so I always try those on too). Knowing this will help you filter through the overwhelming amount of jeans that many stores have and make shopping for them a little less onerous. Another little tip – always look at the jeans. At least for me, finding PERFECT jeans is very very rare, so I always make time to breeze through the jeans isle.
  7. Look at all sizes in tops. So yes, I’m normally a small, medium, 4 or 6 in tops, but I have a few extra smalls and a few larges that I love. I would have never found them if I didn’t look at all tops in every size. Of course, this takes a little more time, but if you have the time it’s worth it. I’ve also found many misplaced items – a small mixed in with the extra larges, perhaps – so you never know what a shopper might have quickly stuck in the wrong place to get it off their hands. Some stores are better than others about keeping their racks neat.
  8. Don’t ignore the items that look ugly on the hanger. As I said earlier, be open-minded. I often grab saggy-baggy or oddly shaped tops or dresses, only to try them on and love them. The human body is not shaped like…a clothing hanger, so don’t assume it will be ugly on you.

I hope these tips are helpful for you! Do you have any tips for secondhand shopping?

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