The Secondhand Shopaholic’s Shopping Guide: Tags (California)

This week’s shopping guide interview is with Tanya, owner of TAGS in Oakdale, California! TAGS has everything from basic wardrobe staples to totally eclectic pieces. They also carry home goods….it sounds like they have pretty much anything you could fathom – fun! In addition to the below interview, Tanya also shared some videos from the store’s earlier days. They’ve come a long way since then, Tanya laughs. Here is a news video from 2010 and another video of goings on at the store from 2011.

TAGS Consignment Oakdale CA

A Funky, Chic Resale Boutique
Address: 1220 East F Street, Oakdale, CA 95361 (Cowboy Capital of the World!)
Contact: (209) 845-9312

1. Tell us a bit about you. Fun fact?

Since I can’t come up with a fun fact… How about a secret… I have always wanted to give acting a try! Or guilty pleasure: Can’t stop reading on my smart phone.

2. Why did you decide to start a consignment store?

VALUE!! Consignment works harder for the community, stretches your money, is green living at its best!! I was working long hours for other companies…and thought it was time to work for me. It will be 7 years October 2013.

3. What’s the best part about your job?

Putting the value back into underloved items!! The treasure hunt everyday! The community apsect of the job. There is a shared responsibility between the consignors and TAGS. It creates a comraderie that doesn’t always exsist in other businesses. Since unsold items go directly to local charities, there is an added layer of what our business and consignors bring to the community.


4. What types and/or brands of things could a shopper find in your store?

TAGS is a brilliant to basics store!! That means we have an eclectic blend of merchandise…from coveted premier brands, to the best of the basics…we usually have it! If not, simply put it on the wish list that we have…and YES…we will call you.

Not only do we carry the brands that people love to find! We also have been known for some other things… spurs, stuffed pheasant, bar stools, rugs, chandliers, garden supplies, and more. Often times we tell consignors, if you don’t know just bring it in…WE LOVE to LOOK!

5. To give readers a better idea of what great things they can find, what is one (or some) of your favorite pieces in your store right now?

A set of yellow polka dot lawn chairs (vintage), Lucky NWT satchel, A carpet bag, True Religion Jeans, mens Chanel cologne, FAB!! pole dancing exercise dvd LOL!! Vintage fabric wallet…great!!


6. What is one thing that sets your store apart from the rest/makes it unique?

MENS – Yes We have a great mens selection – shoes, suspenders, premium denim, favorite T’s and more!

7. What’s the best part about being in the location (city/state) your store is in?

Oakdale, CA is a great community to serve! They have embraced green living and have embraced TAGS with open arms. Oakdale is also a gateway community to the beautiful sierra nevada foothills and Yosemite.

8. Quick! You have one minute to convince someone why they should start shopping secondhand…go!

Love buying local? Want to save money, your time and the environment? Want real value with real service? Then start shopping second-hand!! When you buy second-hand…especially consignment, you HELP your neighbors, your community, and the environment.


9. Do you have a website, Facebook page, Twitter, or blog where readers can learn more or stay informed about events, sales, etc.?



Twitter: @TanyaatTAGS

10. Any last comments?

I LOVE that we are a new store every 60 days!
We are so busy that we put merchandise out on the floor every hour!!


Thanks Tanya!

If you’d like to offer some input on locations (cities/states) I should cover in the future or if you are a resale store owner and would like your shop featured, please let me know in the comments.

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