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Don’t Miss Resale Royalty!

There are 10 days left until something I’m really excited about, so I figured I’d share here! In 10 days (May 12th), tune in to the Style Network to catch the premiere of RESALE ROYALTY !

Stars of Resale Royalty

My mom has said many times that there needs to be a reality show about a consignment store. There are shows about antique stores, pawn shops, bakeries, duck-call-makers (is there a more technical name for that?), so why not a consignment store? There’s certainly drama, and the constant inflow of new inventory keeps things interesting. When I first heard about Resale Royalty, I was super excited. Not just because it’s a show about a consignment store, but because I’ve been to the store and have met the ladies in the photo above before they were “stars.” They’ve attended all the NARTS conferences I’ve gone to the past four years, and Sue (middle) is a board member for NARTS.

So…Sunday, May 12th at 9pm eastern time, be sure to catch the premiere. I’ll certainly be watching it! Check out the website, Facebook, and Twitter for more info.

Conference last year was in St. Louis, so their stores were one of the stops on the beloved resale shop bus tour. So here are some pictures from that conference, including *snooty voice and upturned nose* what I bought at their stores, Women’s Closet Exchange and Clique:


And just for fun, here are some pictures from past conferences:


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Colored Denim Overload

Sorry for being MIA lately! I’ve been traveling all over the place spending some much needed time with friends I haven’t seen since last fall. I’ve really only missed three usual days of blogging, but it seems like it’s been so much longer than that!

colored denim - red jeans colored denim - red jeans

I love red. It’s such a bold, fun color, and I also like the color on myself. I had a surprisingly hard time deciding what to wear with these pants, though. After perusing my entire closet, I decided this is the only top I like with them. I guess I need to have a look at Pinterest for some inspiration! Any styling suggestions? I actually love the way this jacket looks with them, and I never took it off all day. Ha – all that effort in picking out a top and it was never even seen, except for in these photos.

colored denim - red jeans colored denim - red jeans

I feel like I own WAY more colored denim than I need…and I actually am bothered by that and am temped to get rid of a few pairs. I guess there’s a minimalist inside me somewhere that remembers what it was like to only have a small selection of clothes to work with when I was studying abroad. It makes life a little simpler and encourages creativity. I own these lime jeans, some pink ones, the red pair in this post, this other berry red pair, and I just got a mint pair recently (all of which need hemming to fit my short stature, but I’m too lazy to do it). SO MANY!

top: secondhand
jeans: secondhand American Eagle Outfitters
belt: secondhand
jacket: secondhand Talbots
shoes: Boutique 9 (Nine West)
earrings: secondhand

colored denim - red jeans tan oxfords

This lady decided to watch me take pictures:


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Throwback Thursday

You know that oh-so-popular Instagram hashtag #tbt? I was looking for something on my external hard drive yesterday and encountered a bunch of old pictures I scanned for my high school senior yearbook (5 years ago!?). I was inspired and thought it would be fun to do a #tbt or “Throwback Thursday” post. I know I’ve been slacking on the outfit posts lately, but just think of it this way – you’re getting eleven 90s-inspired outfits here. Well, actually they ARE 90s outfits, but trends tend to come back every 20 years or so, and since most of these pictures are from ’90-’94, I’d say you could…maybe…pull some inspiration from these. HAHA. Plus, if you’re anything like me, you love looking at other people’s childhood pictures, so this is probably a bit more entertaining than an outfit post.

I tried to choose pictures with only me because I don’t want family members to attack me for putting pictures of them on the web, but it was hard because almost every picture of me includes my brother and/or sister. I had to make a few exceptions. Sorry family.

Let’s start with one of my favorites. Tough chic…
Maggie, Throwback ThursdayI’ve always loved hats…though my taste was a bit more adventurous when I was younger. Not pictured: my brother’s Batmobile.
Maggie, Throwback Thursday I totally rocked the Western attire, and that jumpsuit is cooler than any you’ll find in stores these days (it’s a Ninja Turtles jumpsuit, which definitely ups the coolness factor). Maggie, Throwback Thursday But I definitely had a girly side, too. Just look how glamorous I was! And again with the love of hats… Maggie, Throwback Thursday Like my sunglasses? You can get your own at Urban Outfitters, or if you prefer my sisters, you can get those at UO, too. I really wish I could still pull off wearing that color yellow.
Maggie, Throwback Thursday Can you tell I’m a 90′s kid? Those shoes look ginormous. Side note: Such talent! I should have been an architect.
Maggie, Throwback Thursday Acid wash jeans…the trend is back. I find it amusing because this is one of the few trends I actually remember from my lifetime that has come back. And yes, the yellow sock were my own choice. We all make mistakes.
Maggie, Throwback Thursday Sometimes my taste in fashion was a bit…eclectic. Notice my dad – he’s got the steampunk look going with those goggles on his hat.
Maggie, Throwback Thursday I’m going to start looking to my younger self for outfit post pose inspiration. And yes, I used to have super straight hair and a beautiful golden tan. I prefer my curls, but I wouldn’t mind having the tan back.
Maggie, Throwback Thursday My mom dressed me then, and in a way she still dresses me now. If I took everything out of my closet that came from her store, my closet would be pretty empty.
Maggie, Throwback Thursday Some things never change – I still like peter pan collars and fun colored pants. And do you recognize the backdrop? Maggie, Throwback Thursday

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A Palatable Palette

One of many reasons I enjoy the fashion bloggers that I follow is because they’re great with color. Oftentimes I don’t have the pieces to recreate an outfit (and I’d rather be original with my outfits anyway), but I can still pull inspiration from them in terms of color combinations and pattern mixing. Tieka is one blogger who has a way with color. I pinned this outfit of hers last fall because I liked the color combo so much. I went shopping recently and got this shirt and skirt, and as I was hanging the shirt in my closet I noticed my orange cardigan and thought “YES! I can finally wear that color combo!”

Check out another great color combo and this sweater styled differently here. And three cheers for me – just look how much my hair has grown since then!
what I wore today - mint, caramel and orange what I wore today - mint, caramel and orange what I wore today - mint, caramel and orange I got to thinking about these colors…and I thought too much. I usually refer to the color of this skirt as camel, but when I think camel, I think THIS. So tawny, perhaps? Eeeh, that word is weird. Caramel – yeah, I suppose that’ll work. And the shirt. It’s mint…or mint cream as Wikipedia calls it…or honeydew…or sage. And the sweater is orange…or pumpkin or persimmon, depending on the lighting. Commonality? They’re all foods (once you eliminate the camel and tawny). My outfit is caramel, mint, and orange. Or caramel, honeydew, and persimmon, if that sounds more appealing. I guess it’s easiest for us to describe a color by paralleling it to something we encounter in our everyday lives, and being that humans typically eat many times a day, it’s unsurprising that we associate colors with food.

ANYWAY…there’s my random meandering thoughts for you. what I wore today - mint, caramel and orange
Shirt: secondhand Merona
Cardigan: secondhand Talbots
Skirt: secondhand J. Crew
Shoes: Boutique 9 (Nine West)
Belt: secondhand

what I wore today - mint, caramel and orange what I wore today - mint, caramel and orange I couldn’t resist taking pictures by these bushes. They’re so pretty! There were a gazillion bumblebees buzzing around them, but bumblebees are like miniature flying teddybears. I would consider myself to be somewhat of an arachnophobe, but bees typically don’t bother me. Hornets or an angry swarm of bees would be a different story. My sister probably wouldn’t have come within twenty feet of those bushes, though. :) bumblebee

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6 Easy Tips for Sustainable Style

*This post is a response to IFB Project #91: What does sustainable style mean to you?*

If you’ve been following me a while or if you’ve read my about page, you know that I’m committed to living a socially and environmentally responsible lifestyle. I buy mostly organic, local, and/or fair trade foods, I recycle and compost everything I can (in college, it took me an entire semester to fill my trash can), I support local and independently owned businesses, I love upcycling to give old things new life, and yes, 99% of my wardrobe (and a large percentage of my other belongings) comes from secondhand stores or yard sales.

Being that Earth Day is on Monday, I want to highlight some ways that you can make more sustainable style choices. I think many people, when they think of doing good for the environment or living a “green” lifestyle, don’t really consider that their choices as a fashion consumer are a part of that equation. I personally believe that our choices regarding where we buy clothes, how often we buy them, and what we do with them when we’re done with them is just as important as, say, recycling or using alternate modes of transporation.

The following are some ways you can make a change, even if a small one, toward being a more conscientous fashion consumer:

1. Educate yourself. The more you know about how your clothes, shoes, and accessories are made, the more aware you will be about how they impact the environment or the lives of the people producing them. A while back, I wrote a post on how clothes contribute to our carbon footprint. While that article provides info on how clothes in general are produced, it’s also insightful to research specific brands. Some companies openly share information on their commitment to sustainable or ethically produced products (Patagonia, for example), but many do not. GoodGuide is a good source for learning more – you can search for companies and get a detailed rating on their social and environmental impact. It’s not perfect, as many companies are not willing to share the information that makes those ratings possible, but it’s still worth checking out.

(illustration from post on carbon footprint) carbon footprint

2. Buy less. This is an easy change that everyone could stand to make. Admittedly, I’m frequently tempted by the latest trends, something I see another blogger wearing, or Madewell & Anthropologie. I manage to resist the temptations most of the time though (the fact that Madewell and Anthropologie are both way out of my budget definitely helps). By not buying, you’re not supporting the consumption of more resources, but rather you’re playing your part in conservation. Rather than buying new stuff, see how you can rework your old stuff. Pair items you’ve never worn together. Try wearing a dress as a skirt or even a skirt as a dress, be creative. You might even enjoy it more than buying new stuff – no buyer’s remorse!

(wearing a dress as a skirt) dress as skirt

3. Buy used. This is the way to go, in my opinion. My wardrobe is almost entirely secondhand, and I own a ton of really nice things – probably a lot more than I would have if I bought everything new. Buying secondhand is just another way to reuse and recycle. Consignment stores are wonderful, as they are often upscale boutiques that only sell the best of the best. Thrift stores and antique stores can be equally as nice. All are treasure chests and FUN to shop at. Inventory is constantly changing, and you can find really unique stuff and amazing deals. And be sure to take the clothes and accessories that you’re done enjoying to a consignment or thrift store (recycling!) so someone else can love them for a while. Swaps are also a popular alternative to buying new clothes. Get together with some friends (or other local bloggers) and have a clothing/accessories swap.

(designer items – including Diane Von Furstenberg and Tory Burch – all secondhand)

4. Be willing to spend a bit more. For those occasions when you can’t find what you want secondhand, be willing to pay a bit more to ensure your products were produced ethically or sustainably. Of course, just because something is inexpensive doesn’t mean the business has unethical practices, and likewise, just because something is expensive doesn’t mean it was produced ethically. In general, though, in order to sell products for crazy low prices, the cost of production must be kept low, and oftentimes that’s at the expense of ethical/sustainable practices. Just refer back to tip #1 – educate yourself. Some companies are more transparent than others. Another thing to note: if you spend a little more, you’re most likely getting better quality products that will last longer…which means you won’t have to buy as freqently to replace worn out items (tip #2).

(hiking shoes from Patagonia - an environmentally and socially responsible company)
Patagonia hiking shoes

5. Shop small. As stated in tip #4, just because a business is small or locally owned doesn’t ensure they have right-minded practices, but it is more likely that they do as opposed to a big national chain who just cares about keeping their prices lower than competition. Many small businesses produce their goods themselves or support independent craftsmen, and buying local supports your local economy whereas buying imported goods does not (and think of all the resources used to import goods from overseas or even from the other side of the country). Their goods are often of better quality than mass-produced goods, as well.

(accessories from local artisans)

6. Upcycle. Turn your wide leg jeans into skinny jeans. Turn that shirt with a hole into a scarf. Take your grandmother’s old, out-of-style dress and do some modifications to make it more modern and stylish. The possibilities are endless with a little creativity (and perhaps some Pinterest inspiration). This is a great way to recycle things that the consignment store won’t take or that you can’t bear to part with.

(DIY scarf/headwrap made from an old shirt) scarf from old shirt

Hopefully you’re already doing one or more of these things, and hopefully I’ve inspired you to try one of the tips that you don’t already do. It’s really not hard to implement these changes, especially if you take them one at a time. Many of them are actually FUN (exploring thrift stores, turing your old clothes into crafts, finding new ways to love your old clothes), so give them a try!

Are there any tips YOU have that I didn’t cover? Let me know in the comments!

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Graceful Like a Deer

Look how GREEN it is behind me! Isn’t that exciting? I love when the world starts to turn green again. And pink and purple and yellow.

what I wore today - green ruffled skirt and navy striped tee what I wore today - green ruffled skirt and navy striped tee
I had made a note to myself in my little blog notebook to do an outfit with a green skirt and a striped shirt. I’m assuming I made that note because I saw something similar and liked it, but I don’t remember the original inspiration at all. So I looked in my closet to see what i could do, and this is what I came up with. I wasn’t sure I liked it before putting it on, but I actually think it turned out nicely, if I do say so myself. :) I also LOVE this necklace, so I was excited that it worked so well with this outfit. So this may or may not look like my original inspiration, but who cares because the point of this blog is to BE an inspiration, right?

what I wore today - green ruffled skirt and navy striped tee what I wore today - green ruffled skirt and navy striped tee

On a totally random note, do your underarms ever hurt when you’re sick/have been sick? I think I have a swollen gland under my arm…must be from the little sickness I had last week.

And on another totally random note, you know those people who can do really graceful jumping pictures? “Why yes, I can effortlessly leap like a deer. I have killer ballet moves.” I’m NOT one of those people. The days when I’m ambitious enough to put my camera on continuous shoot and do some jumping pictures, I have to do a hundred before I get even one where I don’t look ridiculous. I tend to look like I’m zombie-walking or I just got shot in the chest…or a combination. Below is the best of 100. Pitiful.

what I wore today - green ruffled skirt and navy striped tee what I wore today - green ruffled skirt and navy striped tee

To see another way I’ve styled this skirt, check out this post, and to see how I styled this shirt in a different color, take a look here.

top: secondhand Mossimo

skirt: secondhand Max Studio

shoes: secondhand J. Crew

belt: secondhand

necklace: secondhand

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Inspiration: Neon

I was shopping at Uptown Cheapskate on Sunday and I noticed that I was drawn to pieces with bright/neon colors. Nothing crazy like this - neons can certainly be done WRONG. A single neon item, or a couple of the same color, paired with simple pieces in neutral colors creates an eye-catching (in a good way) combination. It’s a very sophisticated way to incorporate bright colors into an outfit…as opposed to this :)

Here’s a round up of some bright+neutral outfits that I think are successfully sophisticated (plus a sketch I found on Pinterest that I couldn’t resist throwing in there). Images are numbered, and their original sources are linked below.


I love the orange/coral pants in pic 9. I think that’s my favorite of the neon colors. Purple will always be one of my favorite colors, too, though (pic 11). Also note the neon shoelaces in pic 4 – love that!

How do you feel about bright, bold colors? Yea or nay? Which is your favorite?

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Curls, Pleats, & Changing Seasons

I got a perm this morning. Why did I, someone with natural curls, get a perm? I have very inconsistent, fussy curls, so I only had some of my hair loosely permed to even out the texture some. In these pictures, it’s in its poofy, post treatment, wind-blown, frizzy state. I’m really excited to wash it two days from now and see the curls with a little more definition and less frizz…and push those bangs off my face. I just hope the curls still look alright when my hair gets longer – my stylist said it should grow out nicely, and maybe even look better when a bit longer. My goal is to get my hair pretty long again, so hopefully she’s right.

purple-tur-1 purple-tur-2 purple-tur-3

I really like this color combination. I was inspired by this outfit, from the blog M Loves M (though I went with an eggplant color rather than maroon). I’ve been browsing my style Pinterest board a lot lately – the transitional period between seasons always puts me in a bit of a rut because I’m still refreshing my memory of the warmer weather clothes I’ve had packed up, and I’m pretty sick of my winter clothes. Today was nearly 90˚F, though, so I think it’s about time to say goodbye to the more wintery items. Haha, the jump from cold weather to warm was so quick, I still walk outside expecting to need a coat.

See other ways I’ve styled this skirt here and here, and see how I’ve styled this cardigan and belt in another outfit here.

purple-tur-4 purple-tur-5 purple-tur-6

top: secondhand Loft
skirt: secondhand J. Crew
cardigan: secondhand J. Crew
belt: secondhand
shoes: secondhand J. Crew

So happy things are turning green again! :D

ginkgo clover

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Olive, Pink, and Dog Models

Trains are a nice way to travel. I can just relax, read, take pictures of the sun rising…but they’re also a great way to get sick. Yup, I caught something. Luckily it didn’t kick in until my last day in Northern Virginia, so I was still able to enjoy my trip. I got to hang out with the cute doggies in these pictures, see my even cuter one-year-old cousin, have lunch with a good friend that I haven’t seen since last fall, have a nice lunch with my grandparents, see my grandma’s art show, sit in Cherry Blossom Festival traffic for an hour (the trees weren’t really in bloom yet, bummer), check out the Torpedo Factory Art Center, catch up on some reading, and watch way too much TV. Sigh…now I have to get back to work.

I wanted to bring as little luggage as possible on my trip, so I packed items that could all be mixed and matched. Pink and olive, a combination I love, was pretty much the theme of my weekend. Below are two outfits that show two different ways to wear this lovely color combo. Both feature the same shoes and the same scarf. Also check out this outfit which features a similar color palette.

olive-pink-1 olive-pink-2 olive-pink-3 olive-pink-4 olive-pink-5 olive-pink-6 olive-pink-7

Haha, the dogs made it a bit difficult to take pictures… doggy-outtake-1 doggy-outtake-2 doggy-outtake-3 doggy-outtake-4

jacket: secondhand Old Navy
olive polka dot tee: secondhand Old Navy
pink jeans: secondhand American Eagle Outfitters
pink tee: secondhand Old Navy
olive pants: secondhand Loft
shoes: Toms
scarf: DIY
sunglasses: secondhand


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Curl Woes

This outfit was semi-inspired by this outfit Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky wore back in October. I love the cute little scarf paired with the stripes, so I figured I’d make use of the scarf I made yesterday.

In other news, my hair is driving me nuts. I have naturally curly hair, but they’re very inconsistent curls. The hair in the back will be straight, maybe a bit of a wave, while the hair in the front will be super curly. I’m also starting to notice triangle hair some days. The inconsistency isn’t an issue when my hair is long or super (pixie) short, but anywhere in between…it’s crazy. I can’t wait until it gets longer! I think maybe some shorter layers will help, and I’m considering a spot perm, but I’ve never even so much as colored my hair, so the though of a perm (or a perm-gone-wrong) freaks me out a bit. I think perhaps I’ll just stick with hats…I certainly have enough.

Enough of that rant. Here’s my outfit! See the pieces I’m wearing as featured in other outfits here, here, and here.
happyspring1 happyspring2 happyspring3 happyspring4 happyspring5

Tee: secondhand J. Crew
Cardigan: secondhand Gap(?)
Jeans: secondhand Level 99
Boots: secondhand Steve Madden
Hat: J. Crew
: DIY from old shirt

*This post is linked up at Pretty Shiny Sparkly – Bloggers Do B&W Stripes Better

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